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Relative Affordability

For commercial, retail and residential markets, the Gold Coast delivers high value and relative affordability compared to Australias other major cities.

From commercial office space to city parking and employee wages, the Gold Coast provides businesses with real opportunities to reduce overheads and establish a more competitive business proposition nationally and internationally.

At just 4.75 per cent, Queensland companies pay the lowest payroll tax of any state in Australia and are not liable until total wages and salaries exceed $1.1 million per annum.

“There are relatively lower costs involve d in setting up and operating an agency on the Gold Coast. Commercial office space is more competitive, parking is extremely cost effective and we get a higher level of expertise and experience from our employees, not to mention that we are able to offer life style alter natives to monetary remuneration making our staff more cost effective”

Flynn Mcfarlane, Director, Stead Lane

high value and relative affordability

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