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Education Choice

The Gold Coast offers the greatest educational choice of any city of its size, attracting students from more than 100 countries.

With three world class universities Griffith University, Bond University and Southern Cross University a diverse mix of technical and training colleges and some of Australias finest public and private schools, the Gold Coast gives businesses ready access to a highly qualified workforce.

“We find the Gold Coast workforce is different. We have access to a ready-made workforce of people who are about getting in and getting the job done, and doing it really well. Our workforce is not only highly skilled but also enterprising”

Luke Halliday, Chief Executive Officer, Mercury IT

The citys skilled workforce is growing; university qualifications increasing by 115 per cent over the last decade, compared with 31 per cent population growth over the same period.

Our skilled workforce is relatively young. The largest demographic group is aged between 25 and 44. 23 per cent of the Gold Coast population holds a Diploma qualification or higher and 20.7 per cent holds a vocational or trade qualification.

greatest educational choice of any city its size

attracting students from more than 100 countries

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