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An Economy of Opportunity

On the east coast of Australia, approximately 80 kilometres south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is located within one of the country’s fastest growing regions.

Strong population growth, diversification of the economy and investment in strategic infrastructure are giving rise to new opportunities.

With an economy valued at over $25.2 billion, the Gold Coast economy has diversified from a platform of tourism and construction into knowledge-based industries including health, ICT, advanced manufacturing, education and professional services. Over the next 10 years it is forecast that 56,000 more people will be employed within the city. Australia is a popular place to invest and do business.

As Australia’s sixth largest city, the Gold Coast is currently home to more than 538,000 people and has an economic catchment of 3.6 million people. Population within the region is forecast to grow at 2.8% over the next 10 years, representing one of the fastest growing populations in Australia.

As a young city in transformation, our best is yet to come.

Industry Summary

Health and Medical

We are creating new opportunities in the health and medical sectors, with a recently opened $1.7 billion dollar university hospital and a unique health and knowledge precinct.

Information Communication Technology

Gold Coast has a varied ICT industry and is successful in attracting large corporates as well as nurturing small, innovative companies to export their products and services world-wide. Our expanding digital infrastructure, progressive culture and networks help create digital-ready businesses and excellent opportunities in domestic and international markets.

Professional Services

We have a strong professional services industry comprising financial services, accountants, architects, town planners, engineers and event managers. Professional services contribute $1.3 billion to the local economy, with a total of 6400 businesses generating $2.7 billion in local sales. The industry continues to grow with more knowledge-based businesses doing business globally from architects to accountants and engineers.


With three universities, a large institute of technology, private colleges, training providers, and leading private and public schools, the Gold Coast offers excellent education choices. The last decade has seen substantial growth in: tertiary student numbers to more than 10,000 from 100 countries; facilities including Australias fastest-growing campus; courses; and university research.


Gold Coast is a city purpose built for high performance sports and elite sporting events. As host of the Commonwealth Games in 2018, we offer facilities, man-made and natural, that cater to a wide variety of sports. Our three universities are leading the way, with Australias largest sports science research project, new university health facilities and
Australias first Doctor of Physiotherapy program.


Australias premier location for recreational boat building, maintenance and refits, the Gold Coast is home to nine luxury marinas, with capabilities for superyachts as well as the most advanced and highly respected marine industry cluster development in the southern hemisphere. The annual boat show and marine export conference showcase local innovation, attracting international buyers and business.

Advanced Manufacturing

Gold Coast companies continue to innovate in the areas of advanced manufacturing across surfing products, interior design, marine, motorsport technology, food and beverage, health, IT, green building and technology, and engineering.


Gold Coast offers outstanding expertise in construction and built design across master planned communities, multi-storey residential and commercial complexes, marinas, infrastructure and green building and technology. Opportunities exist for investors in real estate, tourism infrastructure and major projects.

Food and Beverage

Gold Coasts food and beverage producers offer excellent quality value-add products for domestic and international markets. We specialise in functional foods for sports, health and wellness, including organic products, as well as speciality products for health and gourmet retailers and the food service industry.


We have an exceptional pool of talent in film and television offering world class studios and breathtaking locations. Our emerging cultural scene is burgeoning with skills in design, fashion, music, art, architecture and literature and is supported by universities and specialist educators.


Gold Coast is a city built on tourism, with decades of expertise backed by a stunning natural landscape; the highest concentration of themed attractions in the southern hemisphere; excellent accommodation and entertainment choices; and a mild climate enjoyable year-round. The City of Gold Coast contributes more money to its tourism marketing entity, Gold Coast Tourism, than any other Australian city; ensuring excellent partnerships and market confidence.

Australia's sixth largest city

diversified into knowledge-based industries

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