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The Gold Coast has been the ‘big mover’ on global sport industry rankings over the last year.

The city’s transformation ahead of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018), combined with its enviable natural environment, strengths in sport hosting and key investment projects, is elevating the city to the world stage.

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While the Gold Coast is receiving recognition amongst the global sport city leaders of London, New York and Melbourne, its core strengths lie beyond the staging of global events.

The Gold Coast is carving out its niche as a city recognised for sport excellence and innovation; from cutting-edge research in sport science and leading coaching techniques to innovative product development and manufacturing.

The city is becoming a hub for cutting-edge sport businesses; from manufacturers of high-performance sporting apparel, equipment and nutritional products to experts in sports coaching and management.  It is a robust example of industry co-location, providing city-specific opportunities for the industry to collaborate, innovate and grow.

To learn more about the Gold Coast Sport industry, visit sportgoldcoast.com.au.



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