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Gold Coast Chinatown

Currently under construction, the $6.8 million Chinatown precinct is an integral part of the development of the CBD as a thriving, multi-cultural city centre.

Chinatown is being developed in partnership with the community, private sector and government. It will offer an authentic Asian experience and create a unique destination.

Focused on Young and Davenport Streets in the CBD, Chinatown will be a destination along the G: Link light rail corridor that provides a place for the Gold Coast to celebrate its diversity through culture, design, people and food. At the heart of Chinatown will be an exciting mix of restaurants, cultural festivals and boutique retail offerings; a place of cultural indulgence and celebration.

This modern representation of Chinatown will embody the Gold Coast spirit, encourage Asian tourists and foster international relationships. Chinatown will contribute to our strengths as a diverse tourism city and as a destination in which to live, do business, be entertained and educated.

Chinatown will provide a sense of home to the strong Chinese and other Asian communities that permanently reside on the Gold Coast, including international students, and become a place of interest for the growing number of Chinese visitors.

restaurants, cultural festivals & boutique retail

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