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Major Projects

The Gold Coast is a place of opportunity that, over the next decade, will transform into a globally-recognised city while retaining its enviable lifestyle and stunning natural environment.

As host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, the Gold Coast is embracing transformative civic projects like never before.

More than $13.5 billion in major infrastructure projects are planned or underway that will change the face of the city in a way that is distinctly our own.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games TM

Approximately $200 million in new world class sporting infrastructure will be constructed in readiness for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, building on the citys existing high performance sporting facilities including the Athletes Village, Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Coomera Sports and Leisure Centre and the redevelopment of Carrara Sports Precinct.

Gold Coast CBD

The City of Gold Coast is working to revitalise Southport, Gold Coast CBD.

It has always been the pre-eminent centre of the city, with the highest concentration of employment, and with the largest share of office space (149,240m2), attracting a workforce of 24,857 people. Southport too, is the most populated centre in the city with a resident population of 28,315.

Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

The Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct is home to a world class teaching hospital, and research and allied medical facilities.

The precinct is rapidly growing and is already home to the new state-of-the-art Gold Coast University Hospital, Griffith University, and construction of a new private hospital is due for completion in 2015.

Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

The $365 million Gold Coast Cultural Precinct will bring the community together to engage with arts and culture, supporting the city’s broader cultural economy and creative industries, and providing new employment and business opportunities.

Gold Coast Light Rail

With 16 stations and a 13-kilometre dedicated light rail corridor linking Griffith University to Broadbeach, stage one became operational in 2014. The Gold Coast Light Rail is a $1.6 billion public private partnership with Goldlinq securing the rights to build and operate the system. The system was delivered within a complex urban services environment.

Gold Coast Chinatown

Currently under construction, the $6.8 million Chinatown is an integral part of the development of the CBD as a thriving, multi-cultural city centre.

Commonwealth Games surfboard sign

transform into a globally-recognised city

$13.5 billion in major infrastructure projects

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