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The Gold Coast is recognised as a premier boating location.

The Gold Coast’s enviable natural environment makes it an ideal location for recreational boating.  The city has over 57 kilometres of coastline, an iconic protected broadwater and 260 kilometres of navigable waterways.  With 40,000 watercraft registered watercraft registered to utilise these waterways, the Gold Coast has one of Australia’s largest boating communities.

The Gold Coast marine industry is well-developed, specialising in the manufacture of marine craft for the Australian and international markets.   The city is the headquarters for internationally recognised marine brands from manufacturers of luxury superyachts to smaller recreational aluminium boats.


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A strong marine industry cluster has developed to supply materials and services to leading Gold Coast manufacturers, and has quickly gained recognition world-wide for innovation and quality workmanship.

Marine equipment and accessory manufacturers are well recognised for their capability in a diverse range of hardware, components, accessories, lighting and dock flotation systems, with many Gold Coast products found within yachts and marinas around the world.

One of the Gold Coast’s core advantages is its long history, with strengths in low-volume, high-value product manufacturing.  Our leading brands and companies retain generation’s worth of knowledge and employ experienced local talent that are specific to the Gold Coast.

Marine Capability Guide


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