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Food and Beverage

The Gold Coast’s thriving food and restaurant scene is a key part of the region’s appeal to residents and visitors.

This culinary scene is set apart by internationally acclaimed chefs and, equally important, local food and beverage producers that deliver fresh, high-quality ingredients.

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Our food and beverage manufacturing industry continues to grow steadily with increase in employment and economic value of the industry to our local economy.

One area of specialisation is functional foods for sport, health and wellness, with companies such as Morlife and Pure Organic Meats building a local presence. This is consistent with our city’s positive attitude towards health and well-being and strong demand for such products.

We also have strong beer manufacturing capabilities with the Carlton United Brewery located to the north of the Gold Coast and the award-winning boutique brewery, Burleigh Brewing Co, located towards the south.

As our reputation grows as a quality food and beverage producer outside of the region, our manufacturers are experiencing international success and have positioned themselves to manage future demand from key markets including Asia, with a growing number of leading Gold Coast food exporters that attend the Food and Hotel Asia event each year.

The City of Gold Coast supports the food industry with access to industry associations, specialist business development experts, suppliers of food and drink core ingredients, preparation and packaging materials.

Food Capability Guide

Want to be part of the Gold Coast food capability guide? Contact us for more information.Download the Food Capability Guide (PDF), a guide to the Gold Coast food and beverage industry, to see what produce is available locally.

specialising in functional foods

Carton United Brewery and Burleigh Brewing Co.

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