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The Gold Coast is a city coming of age. It is a place of opportunity that, over the next decade, will transform into a globally-recognised city while retaining its enviable lifestyle and stunning natural environment.

As host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, the Gold Coast is embracing transformative civic projects like never before, with more than $13.5 billion in major projects planned or underway that will change the face of our city.

Why invest on the Gold Coast?

Realise the advantages that our great city offers businesses looking to relocate or developers looking to invest:

  • $13.5 billion is being invested in major projects
  • as a world-class tourism destination, the Gold Coast welcomes an additional 12 million people each year
  • as Australia’s sixth largest city, the Gold Coast still remains one of the most bio-diverse with an enviable lifestyle and natural environment
  • the city is commercially competitive and offers affordability relative to Australia’s capital cities
  • the Gold Coast is strategically located on the edge of the Asia-Pacific rim, with access to two international airports
  • we’re building a reputation for cutting-edge research and innovation
  • the city prides itself on being business friendly and offers an Investment Attraction Program
  • our economy has grown from a platform on tourism and construction and is diversifying into a knowledge based economy
  • our three world-class education institutions mean we offer the greatest educational choice of any city of our size.

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host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2018

embracing transformative civic projects

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